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What is Modos?

Modos is a tool free furniture system that uses connectors and boards to make any furniture you want.

Why should I buy Modos furniture?  

We believe that furniture should be an investment.  If you move, get married, have a baby or inherit your uncle’s record collection, our reconfigurable and durable furniture can change with you, saving you time and money.  

Tell me about the quality of Modos Products.

The wood panels are made from 13 layers of kiln dried, sustainably harvested birch, which is then laminated with maple or walnut veneers, making them incredibly strong, stable and beautiful.  The layers are held together with soy based glue (not some scary formaldehyde based glue) resulting in the highest quality, forest and family-friendly wood you can buy. 

The connectors are extruded from aluminum with an impressive tolerance (+-0.014"). They are strong and lightweight. Essentially, if NASA had a baby with Mother Earth, the baby would be Modos Furniture. 

What about the environment?

If you haven't guessed already, the vast majority of all of our materials come from or have recycled content, are eco-friendly, sustainably harvested, and can be either recycled or composted.

Where are Modos products made?

We're proud to say that Modos is made in the USA. Our connectors are manufactured in the Southeast. The wood boards start in North Carolina and are finished at our offices in the Brooklyn Navy Yards in Brooklyn, New York.