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Introducing Modos

Modos is a tool free furniture system that uses connectors and boards to make anything you want. We created Modos because there are a lot of things wrong with traditional furniture. First of all, assembling furniture is a hassle. Many friendships have been lost over assembling flat-pack furniture. Not only that, but the end product usually ends up being disappointing. Most flat-pack furniture is extremely low quality and isn’t meant to last. In addition, out of the box furniture is limited to one thing, or costs an exorbitant amount if you want to go custom. We thought there was a better option. That’s why we invented Modos.




Kickstarter 147% Funded!

LEGO for Design Savvy Adults

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We put a lot of effort into making Modos as simple, functional, and accessible as possible. We want making and assembling furniture to be a fun and intuitive experience.

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