Custom Work

You come to us with your idea or vision, and we want to work with you to bring your custom pieces to life. Here’s a look at some of the highlights of our work with various clients.

Step 1:  Design Consultation

Schedule a consultation with us to discuss your project. Fill out our contact form, email us at info (@), or schedule a Calendly meeting with us.

Step 2:  Visualization 

We'll take the necessary means to communicate your custom furniture to you. From sketches to 3D renderings and production prototypes. We do it all!

Step 3: Manufacture

We'll manufacture and create your unique designs. We're able to do custom connector colors, direct to panel printing, custom hardware, and just about anything you can imagine.


This conference table was made for Cerner, an American supplier of health information technology services, devices, and hardware. The table is made using birch plywood, featuring custom black connectors and a tempered glass top as well as being extremely sturdy and sitting up to 8 people. If you need a dinner or conference table, we can design and customize one specifically for you and your space.


Maclaren is an English stroller manufacturer that invented the first folding baby buggy. Their custom Modos retail displays have been shipped all over the globe. The modular side panels are interchangeable, and can be swapped out depending on the season or marketing campaign. The prefinished birch ply has logos and graphics printed directly onto the panels. We designed and fabricated a tamper resistant iPad frame with a hidden cord. We also made custom stainless steel pegs that thread onto each other from opposite sides of the panel, reducing the complexity of assembly. 

Reclaimed Auditorium

This private client was looking for an interesting way to use reclaimed materials to furnish their modern, industrial space. The Doug Fir plywood was reclaimed from auditorium seats & benches, and you can even still see the drill holes used to bolt the wood down. This would be a fantastic way to add a nice, size-able, and aesthetically pleasing piece to your home space while utilizing sustainable materials that otherwise might go to waste. Everyone wins!

LA Shelf

This client was looking for a structural focal point to their loft that provided the necessary functionality of navigating their space. The loft has a 20-foot ceiling so we were able to design an 18-foot piece that sports a tv stand, shelf, and storage area as well. This piece was made from sustainable, FSC certified Birch plywood with an Ash veneer.

Liberty Fairs

This customer envisioned a shelf and DJ booth that could be assembled and taken apart in 2 different places and 2 different forms. This took place in NY and Las Vegas.


Coatue features custom half-inch aluminum connectors that fit onto half-inch tempered glass. The designed glasses bull-nose edge are perfectly fit with our connectors style. This shelf was designed to act as a mini-museum that displays graphics from as far back as the first Apple computer, to Gameboy and Atari, to current tech products.


This was a request for a meeting room with furniture that could be used in a fun, functional way. We specialize in custom business to business projects, and as product designers we can do a full range of customization for you including custom dimensions and custom materials.

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