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Use the Modos Graph Paper or download 3D models from to get inspired.


Choose a 3/4”  thick material. Our connectors are made to grab onto lots of different materials but the grip will vary depending on what you buy.  Sheet goods NEVER come exactly .7500” thick. Each material manufacturer has a range of tolerances with their product so your material might be thin on one sheet and thick on the other. That being said, we recommend measuring the material with a caliper before you buy (don’t forget sanding will make your material thinner and adding a finish will make it thicker).  TEST FIRST with a sample.
Here are 3 materials we recommend using that have a workable tolerance:
Custom milled solid wood:
The Modos connectors work best with materials that are .7250” to .7425” thick, so if you’re considering solid wood, plane down your boards to fit. We love reclaimed lumber for its imperfections, history and eco-friendly nature; consider it for your next project.
Columbia Forest Products Design Edge Plywood ¾” thick (measures ~.7245” thick):
This is the material from which we make our standard products. (Find a seller here.)
Plyboo’s Bamboo Plywood ¾” thick (measures ~.7425” thick):
Comes with a beautiful laminated edge and is a rapidly renewable resource.
Other material options:
Baltic Birch is a thin 18mm (typically .6835” thick, will vary). You may have to buy extra pads for your connectors to get a better grip. We don’t recommend this material, but we’ve seen some success. Get creative!  There are many other materials that could work with your connectors. The name of the game is finding the material with the right thickness.


Lay out your cuts on (free), and don’t forget to include the kerf width of your blade (typically ⅛”).


Route edges with 3/8” radius round over bit.


Do whatever makes you happy here, just be aware of how well the connectors fit as you sand and coat the material.


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